Hong Kong stocks closed: The tech index fell 2.2% in the afternoon, technology stocks fell across the board, photovoltaic stocks fell

Glodon June 7th | The main Hong Kong stock indexes showed a high opening and low trend. The three major indexes rose slightly at the beginning of the session and then continued to fall, and the decline increased in the afternoon. The Hang Seng Technology Index fell 2.2% at one point, and finally closed down 1.78%. The Hang Seng Index and the National Index fell 0.59% and 0.68% respectively.

On the market, large-scale technology stocks continued to fall in the afternoon, dragging down the market. Kuaishou fell more than 3%, Meituan fell 2%, and NetEase, Tencent and other stocks fell more than 1%; A-share photovoltaic leader Longi Green Energy continued to fall, and Hong Kong photovoltaic stocks followed the decline. Xinyi Solar and Xinyi Glass fell significantly.

Apple concept stocks that have been rising continuously have collectively pulled back, and Gaowei Electronics fell 8.6%; mobile game stocks, auto stocks, Macau gambling stocks, and biotechnology stocks have fallen.

On the other hand, the industry is expected to enter a new round of price increase cycle, water stocks have risen significantly, power stocks have performed strongly throughout the day, wind power stocks have led the rise, and Datang New Energy has increased by more than 7%.